Ranger Pest Control has the knowledge and expertise to treat your commercial property. We understand the importance of keeping a well maintained, pest free environment for your customers, tenants and employees.

Ranger Pest Control works with Property Managers, Realtors as well as Apartment Complexes, Retail, Schools, Office and Industrial Properties.

One time or recurring programs are available. 

 *General Pests

 *Bed Bugs




 *Bird / Pigeon Control

 *Rodent Control

Call Ranger Pest Control today to schedule a free  inspection of your property.

We understand that each home is unique and  we approach each and every job with that in mind.  

What to expect when you call Ranger Pest Control to service your home:

​*Professional, courteous and prompt service.

*Provide a complete visual Inspection of all accessible areas.

​ *Develop a targeted treatment approach.

No matter what your pest problem - scorpions, roaches, ants, bees, spiders, bed bugs, rodents etc. - we have service plans to meet your needs and  we'll take care of what is bugging you!

Africanized or not, bees can be dangerous and even deadly. Bees can build their hives in cracks and walls of your home, under the eaves of your patio, inside a BBQ grill, in trees and just about anywhere around your home. It is important for homeowners to contact a professional to remove the hive to avoid potential personal injury to selves and others. 

Our technicians have the experience, equipment and know how to safely and quickly remove a dangerous hive from your home. 



Stop the Invasion! 

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Termites are responsible for billions of dollars worth of damage every year to homes and businesses and are frequently called the 'silent destroyers' because they may be hiding in your home or yard without any immediate signs of damage.

If you find the telltale signs of termite activity such as the brown cylindrical mud tubes  in or around your home, our experienced technicians can develop a treatment plan for you. 

Ranger Pest Control offers extended termite warranties for your peace of mind. 

​Call Ranger Pest Control today to schedule a free inspection of your property

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 Arizona Bark Scorpions are nocturnal predators and do their hunting in the dark of night. They typically hide in rocky crevices, in cracks and wood piles but can be effectively found by the use of an ultraviolet light after dark. When exposed to a blacklight, Bark scorpions will glow green.

Bark scorpions are venomous and their sting can cause severe reactions such as pain and swelling in both people and in pets.

If you have seen scorpions in or around your home, call Ranger Pest Control today to schedule your service.



Ranger Pest Control

Watch as Ranger Pest Control safely remove a potentially dangerous beehive from a customers tree.